That time I borrowed my mom’s iPad to play SoundCloud mixes for the newsroom

Each Sunday, editors take turns as DJs for the entire production. Initially, I compiled this mix, comprised solely of rap and hip hop. In addition to the obvious mainstream selections (a very significant portion is Drake remixes), I wanted to showcase less well-known artists I’ve been on. See: D-Pryde, ELHAE, Jay Prince.

Speaking of Drake remixes, I had to rinse this all-Drake mix. Had to. It was a moral obligation.

But, as production went on and we were through almost five hours of non-stop rap, I knew I had to switch up the vibes.

I am fascinated by the concept of B-sides, disc twos and remix albums so I dumped into this set all the recent stuff I’ve listened to that’s more experimental, more mellow, softer and generally doesn’t require me to pay attention to lyrics too closely in order to enjoy.

The idea behind the B-side playlist comes from my belief deserves to be complemented by an equally good director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes footage that was cut, compilation of footnotes, etc. Additionally, the first mix was basically three hours of all-male artists and I couldn’t have that. Oh, also, in the middle of this set is an all-Beyonce mix called “#50ShadesofBey” that is can’t-miss.

And then things got weird and people wanted to turn up in the newsroom.


I don’t think we finished this last mix because we had to turn off the music and hide from Student Center staff.

Also, frankly, I appreciated the praise I got for my music selections from other editors and people who came in more than the attention I got for the article I wrote about some flag stuff.


This mix I made for Valentine’s Day was played at some point as well.